One Day Events

Our one day events are designed for leaders who want to begin their cultural mastery journey but their schedule doesn’t allow for the deeper two day or in country experiences. Cultural question guides are provided at lunch to generate cultural conversation around the table. In addition to offering these one day events for private organizations and their teams, we also host public one day events that can be attended by one person or a small group. Participants will laugh, cry, and be moved towards personal cultural mastery thus preparing them to better lead diverse teams.

Two Day Experiences

Our two day events are amazing experiences. This is a great solution if you have team of people who want (need?) a deeper experience. We work through three of the six stages on each day following the experiment, experience, extraction process. This allows for a deepening and solidifying of the stages of cultural mastery. Over lunch participants are provided conversation suggestions to generate cultural conversation around the table. Participants will engage at very deep levels which will have a profound impact on them and their leadership of diverse teams.

In Country Immersion

The in-country cultural mastery trips are the most immersive experience we offer. We work with The Ministry of Culture in target countries. These trips are available for groups up to 12 people and for as many as one person. This experience is popular with C-Suite executives who want to learn a culture alone with a trained consultant. The journey includes engagement with government officials, business leaders, civic leaders and, by request, we will work to arrange engagement with a particular person or type of person that fits your specific needs and objectives.

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Business Solutions


oday’s business leaders are required to lead diverse groups of people and their level of CM (Cultural Mastery) is critical to their success. Leaders are taken through the 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery in a highly experiential way. Because culture is highly human we focus on creating experiences that will help leaders see and feel culture in ways that bring out their deepest levels of understanding and emotions.

We use a proprietary three-tier method of training that starts with cultural experiments, then moves a bit deeper to cultural experiences, and then to the deepest level of cultural extraction. We work with leaders to create deep levels of understanding and emotional awareness. Our goal is not only an understanding of different cultures, it is a deep awareness of, and appreciation for people unlike ourselves. This is a life-changing and transformative experience.

The outcome of this training is manifold. By gaining cultural clarity, leaders become much better communicators and collaborators thus drastically reducing, and many times eliminating, relational friction that causes decreased creativity and production, legal issues, turnover, and negative brand image for the organization.

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