Online Course and Coaching

Our online course and coaching program is perfect for leaders who want a high level of personalization and flexibility. This is an eight week training process that requires about two hours of time commitment weekly. There are eight one-hour live group coaching sessions that are conducted once weekly. The group size must be six people (no more and no less) as this allows for optimal results in the cultural mastery program. The online component can be completed at any time before the live coaching calls which are conducted via Zoom video conferencing making having participants in multiple locations a non-issue.

One Day Events

Our one day events are designed for leaders who want to begin their cultural mastery journey but their schedule doesn’t allow for the deeper two day or in country experiences. Cultural question guides are provided at lunch to generate cultural conversation around the table. In addition to offering these one day events for private organizations and their teams, we also host public one day events that can be attended by one person or a small group. Participants will laugh, cry, and be moved towards personal cultural mastery thus preparing them to better lead diverse teams.

Customized Solutions

Your needs may be unique and require a customized solution that caters to the specific goals of your organization. Perhaps you need ongoing, targeted support beyond our one or two-day events, perhaps you need a virtual training approach, perhaps a keynote address for an important conference, perhaps a compressed training session to introduce cultural mastery to your people, perhaps you have some high potential leaders who need in-country immersion experiences, etc. We will work with you to meet your specific needs to create cultural masters who can truly transform their worlds.


ulture is deeply personal and experiential. Because of this, rather than focusing on information transfer, we teach using highly interactive and engaging experiences. This approach helps leaders to learn and assimilate the principles of Cultural Mastery and Transformation at a much deeper level than traditional teaching methods. The 6 Stages Cultural Experiences are built around the 6 major sectors of society that drive and shape culture. These societal drivers are the following: Business, Education, Entertainment, Health Care, Nonprofit, and Public Service. These sectors shape and form culture the world over.

Due to the depth of the cultural experiences we have created, we do ask all participants to first read The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery book before they engage in the training so they are properly prepared. We want to focus more on transferring experience than on transferring information.

We offer half-day, one day and two-day experiences for organizations who seek a more traditional approach to training. In addition, we offer in culture experiences that last for one week. Please contact us so we discuss a customized approach that fits your specific cultural mastery and transformation needs.



Leaders in today’s global economy who also work with a diverse workforce must become cultural masters in order to achieve positive, productive and profitable relationships.


Educational leaders are integral to the future stability of any culture. Working with diverse staffs and student bodies requires them to become cultural masters.


The sports and entertainment industry is a driver of culture and industry leaders are well-served to become true cultural masters for the good of society.

Health Care

Leaders in the health care industry literally have people’s lives in their hands. A deep appreciate for culture will help them to make wise decisions for a multi-cultural society.


Nonprofits are critical to the well-being of millions of people around the world. These include both religious and secular groups who are dedicated to helping others both survive and thrive.

Public Service

To a large degree, quality of life within a culture is determined by our public leaders. These leaders best serve their diverse constituents and clients with a deep understanding of cultural norms and nuances.

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