The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery (Signed Copy)

The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery lays out a clear roadmap for leaders to develop as cultural masters in a culturally complex world. Leadercast CEO, Duane Cummings, said, “Every decade or so a book is written that can change the world. This is one of those books.” In January of 2018, Ricardo’s next book in this series, The 6 Stages of Cultural Transformation will be released. The book is founded on the premise that leaders cannot effectively lead transformation external change unless they have been transformed internally first. The book will help leaders lead with cultural relevance, as well as provide them with a path to protect themselves from unnecessary missteps that could derail their careers.

The 6 Stages are:

  1. Education
  2. Engagement
  3. Empathy
  4. Excitement
  5. Empowerment
  6. Endearment


Executive Consulting with Ricardo González

Ricardo González is one of the most respected voices, authors and speakers in the world on the subjects of cultural leadership, cultural mastery and cultural transformation. He is the author of The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery and The 6 Stages of Cultural Transformation (to be released January 2018). He has consulted directly for Hanes, The Coca-Cola Company, National Roofing Contractors Association, National Kitchen and Bath Association, Georgia Pacific, U.S. Speaker of the House, MetLife, Leadercast, SRS Distribution, Boise Cascade, Smithfield Foods, Kimberly Clark, and many others.

Ricardo is available for:

  1. Keynote Speeches
  2. One Day Executive Retreats
  3. Executive Strategy Sessions
  4. Cultural Remediation and Damage Control


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