Why The 6 Stages Group?


he 6 Stages Group exists to help leaders become cultural masters who can lead true cultural transformation. The 6 Stages Group was founded by Ricardo González, a leading international expert on cultural mastery and transformation. Ricardo is also the founder and Chairman of Bilingual America, an internationally respected training institute dedicated to bridging the cultural communications gap between Latinos and non-Latinos in organizations and public arenas.

After noticing a concerning pattern spanning multiple sectors, Ricardo authored and published The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery in order to bridge the disconnect between knowing and doing as it pertains to cultural mastery and transformation. We conduct highly experiential and honest training events where leaders can learn and apply The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery to their own lives and leadership. We train leaders across multiple spectrums of society to successfully navigate a culturally complex world and to lead a highly diverse team. Our dynamic training experiences provide the most unique and interactive opportunities for cultural mastery and transformation on the market. We encourage you to learn more about our story and founder using the links below.

Do you want to become a Cultural Master?

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